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Things my stepdaughter loves to do when bored.

My stepdaughter and I love doing marketing together. She is learning so fast (I’m so proud), and in her free time she edits videos, helps me design, and is a great wealth of knowledge.

This is her list of things for other kids to do when bored – written by her!

  1. Make fun/funny videos camera-icon

    • Ideas:
      • Playing games
      • Videos of your pets
      • You and friends
      • GIFs and/or animations
      • Movie clips you like
  1. Editing edit

    • Edit the videos you just made
    • Edit with cool fonts
    • Edit with colorful things you like
    • Edit the size of photos
    • Crop out details you dislike
    • Use vectors instead of JPEGs or PNGs, because you can change the colors and shape!!!!
  2. Crafts crafts

    • Make or complete puzzles
    • Drawing
    • Writing or make a book
    • Make slime or putty
    • Re-use house items (ex: popsicle sticks, tape, markers, boxes, etc.)
  3. Read books or movies books

    • My favorite movies: “My Spy”, “Princess Diaries”, “Maleficent”
    • My favorite book series: “Magic Tree House”, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, and “Dork Diaries”
  4. Marketing computer

    • Learn more things about graphic design
    • Learn how to blog
    • Make YouTube videos
    • Learn new things from friends or family members

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