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Social media & display advertising image sizes

Whether you’re promoting a brand, video, news or a meme, visual content is vital to success in the social media world. On social media platforms and the web in general (display ads), visuals are the first thing an audience sees and possibly the only thing remembered. So, accuracy in sizing and design are imperative. In this article, I list current social media and advertising image sizes.

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Social media posts

  • Facebook post: 1200px X 900px
  • Facebook link: 1200px X 628px

Headers, banners and profile pages

  • Facebook cover photo: 820px X 360px
  • Facebook event cover: 1920px X 1005px
  • Facebook group cover: 1640px X 856px

Social ads

  • Facebook carousel ad: 1080px X 1080px
  • Facebook link ad: 1200px X 628px


Social media posts

  • Instagram post: 1080px X 1080px
  • Instagram story: 1080px X 1920px


Social media posts

  • LinkedIn post: 1200px X 628px

Headers, banners and profile pages

  • LinkedIn page: 1128px X 191px
  • LinkedIn profile: 1128px X 376px


Social media posts

  • Twitter post: 1024px X 512px

Headers, banners and profile pages

  • Twitter header: 1500px X 500px


Social media posts

  • Pinterest pin: 735px X 1102px


Social media posts

  • YouTube thumbnail: 1280px X 720px

Headers, banners and profile pages

  • YouTube channel art: 2560px X 1440px
  • YouTube end screen: 1920px X 1080px

Display ads

  • Medium rectangle ad: 300px X 250px
  • Rectangle ad: 180px X 150px
  • Leaderboard ad: 728px X 90px
  • Wide skyscraper ad: 160px X 600px
  • Filmstrip ad: 300px X 600px
  • Pushdown ad: 970px X 90px
  • Billboard ad: 970px X 250px

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