A Message from Marketing Enthusiast & Owner, Brittany Lettich:

With years of experience across multiple industries, I have a diverse knowledge of marketing. My goal is to be a resource and to support you in your professional journey, as well as make new connections! I have a passion for marketing and helping businesses reach their full potential.

I started off as many of us did. I graduated college then found some entry-level marketing position on a job site and, amazingly, they hired me! It turned out to be an invaluable position and experience (Marketing Assistant in the Integrated Marketing Group at HFM – the publishing company for Elle Magazine, Road & Track, Car & Driver, Women’s Day, George, etc.). Honestly, I didn’t even know what I was getting into when I accepted the role, but I sure did get thrown into the trenches and learned a lot and fast. From gofer, to data organization, to budgets, to handler, I quickly experienced starting at the bottom – so to speak. Fashion Week and Oscars events might sound glamorous, but, when you’re working the event, you’re sweaty and tired and running on every last piece of energy you can muster – and wearing all black purposely to blend into the background. On top of that, I had my first of many encounters with strong personalities and intimidating authority figures at the time, but I am grateful for it now.

I still talk to my very first boss periodically and admire him.

I continued my profession in New York City for years – working for massive publishing and finance companies as just some number on their payroll. I didn’t think I mattered; I was just a warm body at a desk doing some job for which I had little passion or influence.

I know now it wasn’t that I had lack of passion, but I wasn’t able to express it. I had no say. My opinion didn’t matter.

Eventually, I realized I wanted to work with smaller companies where I could make an impact, and where people valued what I had to contribute.

Now, I have had the pleasure of working with smaller agencies, clients, start-ups, and passion projects. My ideas and knowledge matter, and my co-workers appreciate me as a professional and individual.

I’m not just a warm body sitting at a desk anymore.

And because I have influence, I see results that I am proud of or at least learn from them and grow – both things of which to be proud.

I love being a marketing team of one, or a “jack of all trades,” because I get to touch every aspect of the process. This is my niche, my strength, my joy.

I am happy to wake up and go to my job, but I see it as fun – not a job anymore.