Part 1: How I Use HubSpot’s Service Hub & Why You Should Care Brittany Lettich November 2, 2019

Part 1: How I Use HubSpot’s Service Hub & Why You Should Care

Part 1 in a series on HubSpot’s Service Hub: why, how, tricks with tips I’ve learned along the way – which have shown positive results!

So what is Service Hub anyway?

HubSpot says they want you to “create an extraordinary customer experience … Service Hub has all the tools you need to delight customers at scale. You’ll give them an extraordinary and efficient experience with your company, help them help themselves, and build a base of happy customers who advocate for your business.”

They’re telling the truth.

With the following (and much more!) you can create a fully satisfying customer experience:

  • workflow integrations for
    • data validation
    • ease of user use
    • customer notifications
    • ticket management
    • internal notifications
  • customizable customer feedback surveys & processes
    • customer service surveys
    • NPS surveys
    • customer satisfaction surveys
  • full knowledge base/help center functionality and build-out
  • simple to complex and comprehensive service ticketing abilities
  • the power to automate ticket creation via chat, forms, email, and more
  • the ability to involve co-workers not familiar with HubSpot in the ticketing process successfully and seamlessly
  • internal notes (emails, calls, etc.)
  • email directly from the ticket for tracking and logging purposes (don’t forget the ease of use of pre-generated templates!)
  • administrator controls
    • team management
    • user permissions
    • view control
    • required fields

Why do I care?

As the Marketing Manager/only marketing team member at my company and HubSpot administrator, I have the power to control what clients see, experience and receive, as well as what my non-marketing co-workers with Service Hub seats can do and control.

My co-workers are very smart people (seriously!), just not marketers. I have the upmost respect for them. Their fortés are just not HubSpot or other marketing tools. That said, I need their expertise at times to satisfy client inquiries.

Furthermore, we use Service Hub not just for client tickets, but also for internal company matters.

That is one major difference in how I have orchestrated HubSpot’s Service Hub.

I have built HubSpot’s Service Hub to not only support client matters, but also internal employee process concerns and feedback.

We have various pipelines, statuses and status fields, client types, workflows for innumerable reasons, notifications based on many variables, email accounts associated with our HubSpot inbox, rules, and configurations.

Of course this all takes time, planning, and constant editing. As one person, I understand this may seem overwhelming.

How does a HubSpot administrator feel safe involving non-marketers in the platform?

I understand, truly. It is scary giving any power to non-marketers in a platform you have built and nurtured.

That’s one of many reasons I appreciate HubSpot.

I am able to control what others are capable of influencing and, if they make an error, my workflows will adjust them. I also create workflows to auto-populate properties to save my respected co-workers time and stress over whether they properly did something.


My CEO, boss and co-workers want to be educated on how to properly use the tools which they have access to, and are required to use.

Not only is HubSpot’s Service Hub here to satisfy our clients, but also resolve internal company inquiries – as seamlessly as possible.

We all respect one another’s roles in the ticketing process, whether it be for a client’s benefit or company process.

We even have workflows setup up for positive client feedback and compliments!

No matter who is bringing the ticketed subject to our attention, a client or co-worker, we work the Service Hub process impeccably.

Everyone’s input, question, issue, comment, feedback, etc. is important to the success of our business, progress – and peace of mind.