Part 2: HubSpot’s Service Hub – Convince Your Boss to Invest Brittany Lettich November 2, 2019

Part 2: HubSpot’s Service Hub – Convince Your Boss to Invest

Part 2 in a series on HubSpot’s Service Hub: why, how, tricks with tips I’ve learned along the way – which have shown positive results!

So you know HubSpot’s Service Hub is a winner! Now what?

How to convince your boss

Bring Order to Customer Service Chaos:
Customer service software that builds organization and efficiency into your customer service team.

Deliver organized customer service that gives efficient help and complete answers.

Customers don’t care about the internal structure of your company. They just want help. When your teams are cut off from each other, you create friction and confusion for your customers. With the tools in Service Hub, you can finally build a frictionless customer experience.

This starts with the Conversations inbox, which brings all your communication channels — email inboxes, live chat, forms, Facebook messenger, and more — together into one universal inbox. Each conversation is enriched by the HubSpot CRM, so you have contextual information about the customer’s history with your company.

Service Hub also offers a complete help desk with built-in automation and reporting, so you can turn chats and emails into tickets that are easily organized, prioritized, and tracked. In the first quarter of 2019, Service Hub users have already resolved almost 1.4 million tickets to help create a more organized, efficient, and helpful customer service experience.


  • Help desk
  • Shared inbox
  • HubSpot CRM

Create an extraordinary customer experience

Service Hub has all the tools you need to delight customers at scale. You’ll give them an extraordinary and efficient experience with your company, help them help themselves, and build a base of happy customers who advocate for your business.

Here’s how:

  • Create a Frictionless Customer Experience
  • Help Customers Help Themselves
  • Turn Happy Customers Into Growth

Create a frictionless customer experience. Help customers help themselves.

Help customers faster and remove friction with automated and self-service solutions.

For many of today’s customers, the best service experience is to get out of their way and help them help themselves. Service Hub’s self-service solutions are designed to make it easy for customers to solve their own problems.

In 2019 Service Hub customers have already published over 21,000 articles in the knowledge base tool, which lets you build a robust library of support articles that help customers quickly find the information they need. It’s also smart — not just a static list of FAQs — so it learns what people are looking for, and suggests what you can do to improve.

Service Hub’s live chat makes it easy to engage more customers in conversations. And using the service bot, you can scale these conversations to help customers get answers without involving a human specialist.


  • Knowledge base
  • Live chat & bots

Download the letter to your boss template to justify this service!