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Frequently Asked Questions


Videos are a great way to explain your product. Customers will invest in your product when they
understand what it does and how it will help them. Thus, video is an impactful tool for explaining why
customers should buy your product or services. Videos are popular because they are educational,
entertaining, and emotionally engaging.
Featured video marketing benefits: 
  1. Boosts brand awareness and recognition.
  2. Increases customer engagement and interaction.
  3. Improves search engine rankings and website traffic.

Digital marketing promotes or advertises your product, service, or business online. The efforts may vary depending on the business type, goals, or where the company is in its business lifecycle. Working with a marketing professional who understands your goals and how to create a comprehensive strategy to identify the most profitable channels is essential.

Digital marketing has many strategies, but the variety of services consists of website production, search engine optimization (SEO), advertising, social media, and content that may include blogs, videos, and email. Even within the above techniques are subsets of the different types of digital marketing. These services play an essential role in a successful strategy. Depending on many factors, your business may need some or all of them.

Digital marketing has shifted the marketing paradigm from an outbound technique to an inbound approach. Customers know what they want and when they want it, and they head online to get what they want when they want it. Inbound marketing helps businesses generate website traffic and turn visitors into paying customers.

Digital marketing is crucial and great at measuring ROI because it is attributable and trackable in real-time.

With digital marketing, your business can stand a chance in the modern world. I can help you avoid getting lost in the shuffle. A basic website is not sufficient today. The Internet is among the most competitive arenas, and everyone competes for traffic and visitors. Promoting your website via other digital marketing channels is vital to set your business apart and allow you to attract new visitors, hopefully turning them into new customers.

With a powerful online presence and digital marketing approach, the opportunity to scale your business successfully is enormous. Digital marketing presents an opportunity for exponential business growth and returns multiples better than any other advertising opportunity.

Generally, spending around 10-20% of your company’s overall revenue is recommended, but there is no exact answer. And, of course, having some marketing strategy is much better than doing nothing. So, digital marketing is something to pay attention to.

I will help you calculate the true ROI of your marketing expenditures to understand the opportunity I can present to your business. I am focused on performance and ensuring that I know the lifetime value of your customers.

Marketing Simplified

Marketing Simplified focuses on performance marketing and advertising strategy. My goal is to drive ROI for your company and have you continue to invest in marketing services because my solutions work. I provide comprehensive digital/traditional marketing and advertising plans and will be your right-hand marketing team. I have experience across many different industries. My commitment to you is that I will do everything in my power to supplement your business with a robust and effective Marketing Professional that is passionate and hungry to drive success to your company.

Marketing Simplified is owned and operated by a one-woman team, including Brittany Lettich. She works on every aspect of a client’s project and does not outsource her clients’ work. Learn more about Brittany by clicking here or visiting her LinkedIn page here.

I can help you create a custom marketing solution that suits your needs.

Specializing in both traditional and digital marketing, my featured work includes but is not limited to:

  • Website development and design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer service
  • Videos (promotional and tutorials)
  • Content creation
  • Branding and logos
  • Advertising (digital and print)
  • Google Services
  • Email marketing
  • Lead generation and conversion
  • Print (business cards, brochures, trade show materials)
  • Marketing audits
  • Promotion
  • And more!

Click here to see my Services page for details.

Yes. Please visit my portfolio (click here) to view Marketing Simplified’s client project samples.

You may also visit my LinkedIn page to see samples of my work by clicking here.

I have worked in marketing across a multitude of industries. With 20 years of experience, I am well-versed in all aspects of marketing (e.g. systems integration, design, best practices, web design, etc.), and am familiar with how departments other than marketing work. Thus, I have the 360 view and understanding of a campaign necessary for efficiency and success across the company.

Learn more about me by clicking here, or by visiting my LinkedIn page here.

Working Together

In order to get started you have a few different options:

  1. Click this contact link and send me a message through the form or book a meeting on this page.
  2. Email me at brittany@marketingimplified.net.
  3. Call me at (510) 871-4617.
  4. Sign up for a free marketing consultation by clicking here.

Contacting Marketing Simplified will be worth your time. At a minimum, you will get to speak with me, an expert Marketing Enthusiast and Specialist, and gain insight into your company’s marketing options and how you can benefit from digital/traditional marketing and advertising services.

I offer one-time project contracts and monthly retainers.

I use the Google Suite (e.g., Google Analytics, Search Console, Ads), my preferred dynamic WordPress tools and plugins, Semrush, and heatmaps to report on the success of a project. I also include data from your contact management system (e.g., Salesforce), e-commerce reporting tools (e.g., WooCommerce, Shopify), and your marketing automation program (e.g., HubSpot), if granted access.

For one-time projects, my fee is determined by our agreed-upon deliverables that I present to you before work begins. I’ll give you a flat rate upfront so you know the final dollar amount to be charged with no secret additional charges later – unless we agree to contract addendums.

Additionally, I can charge a flat monthly rate for retainers based on the number of hours you reserve. You will be charged that pre-determined monthly fee at the beginning of the month before work begins. I will also present the deliverables at the beginning of the month before work commences for total transparency so you can make any changes or ask questions. Suppose more time is required than you have previously reserved in our retainer. In that case, I will communicate this with you while outlining that month’s plan before I begin.

I will not send you an invoice you do not expect.

I will need all related assets, such as existing materials, desired content, styles, imagery, and associated program logins.

For example, I need your:

  • Logo
  • Website content management system login credentials (e.g., WordPress, Squarespace)
  • New content to be added to the site if any or if you prefer to prepare it
  • Logins of programs to be integrated with the website
  • Company colors and fonts (if none are pre-determined, we will collaborate to create a company style guide to be used across all company marketing materials)

My clients can be involved in regular updates, such as weekly check-ins, or I can update you at key milestones. I can handle every detail of the project with your preferred cadence of collaborative calls that might be irregular or sparse, so you can spend your valuable time working on your business and sales.

The more decision-making power I am allowed, the larger the initial document outlining criteria, specifications, styles, etc., will be so that we have an agreed-upon foundation and guidelines at the beginning – all so our deliverables stay on brand and aligned with your goals.

Do you want more leads and an improved web presence?
– no strings attached