Free Digital Marketing Consultation Brittany Lettich March 28, 2023

Discover how to generate more leads, sales, and the answers to your marketing questions
- no strings attached!

What can you expect from a consultation?

The marketing consultation is a way for Brittany (Owner and Marketing Enthusiast) and you to chat, so she can get to know your business, current marketing strategy, assets, preferences, struggles, and goals.

After walking through your current marketing situation together, she will identify which areas of your business would most benefit from marketing enhancements and investments.

For no cost, Brittany will create a custom cost-efficient and effective marketing plan to suit your needs and goals.

Exploratory Convo
The marketing consultation is a way for us to chat and for me to get to know your business, current marketing strategy, assets, preferences, and goals.
Site Audit
I will analyze your website, tools, rankings, opportunities, search engine optimization, content - and more - to uncover opportunities.
New Strategy
After our conversation and my research, I will develop a new marketing strategy/plan to enhance your website and other digital marketing assets.
4 Reasons to Book Your Free Consultation Today:
Not sure where to begin?

Let's have a free consultation to get you some no-cost advice and point you in the right direction, even if you aren't ready to invest.

Think you are doing everything correctly, but something isn't clicking?

Contact me for a free consult to discuss your struggles and gain some free insight after I conduct a detailed digital audit of your business.

Just a small business with no budget for marketing?

A free consultation with me will help focus your resources and award you some complimentary tips for free tools and strategies.

Doing research on potential marketing service partners?

Thank you for considering me! Please, contact me for a meeting where we can discuss your project, I can learn about your goals and operations, share my research and analysis of your business strategies/tools, and offer tiered marketing plans for growth.

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