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Marketing for New and Small Businesses. Save Time. Achieve More.

Marketing for New and Small Businesses.
Save Time. Achieve More.

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Who is Brittany?

Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service Specialist; HubSpot Administrator; WebmasterBrittany is an energetic and results-oriented marketing professional with diversified talents that yield positive results, such as web development, SEO, video, content, social media, automation, email, lead generation, customer service, sales support, and advertising. She is passionate about and well-equipped to help small and new businesses grow with little to no budget.

Brittany started her career in publishing working in the Corporate Integrated Marketing Group, which included magazines such as Elle, Women’s Day, Road and Track, and the History Channel Magazine. During this time she participated in the organization and running of events small and large from fashion shows and parties during New York Fashion Week to trade shows and client meetings.

She has also worked in technology with SaaS products, finance, and eCommerce, as well as a few other industries. She eventually developed the Marketing and Customer Services Department at a digital media agency in Phoenix, worked as a marketing team of one planning and executing new strategies and branding for numerous companies, and successfully opened her own marketing business.

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