9 Marketing Tips & Trends for 2020 Brittany Lettich March 12, 2020

9 Marketing Tips & Trends for 2020

Marketing is Constantly Changing.

It seems like each month there’s a new Google algorithm we need to adjust for, a new trend, or some new tool that we need to incorporate.

How do we know how to prioritize?

It’s simple.

Ask yourself: what does your business need?

Just because there’s a new tool or trend does not mean you need to change or even scramble to incorporate this new functionality.

So what should you pay attention to?

9 Tips & Trends That Deserve Your Attention:

1. Original Content

Original content will keep you ahead with search engine optimization, engage leads, and make you a subject matter expert – among other benefits.

2. Video Content

Beyond written content, video content will help you rank higher in search results, engage more visitors, lead and current clients, and make you look more professional.

Whether you make promotional videos or those of you simply recording your thoughts, you are ahead of the curve.

3. Be Aware of SEO Trends

Whether it be Google’s new algorithm, plug-ins for your website, or other tools (like SEMrush), know how to best target and optimize your website terms. Do not forget Google’s imperative Search Console!

3. Marketing Automation: Email

Why aren’t you doing this?!

Behavioral-based email communication for not just new leads, but conversions, clients, and happier clients!

Client retention is one of our keys to success!

4. Automation: Chat Bots

Again, why aren’t more people taking advantage of this amazing functionality?

Not able to be available via live chat? Answer: chat bots.

Why wouldn’t you have an automated chat function readily available to speak to leads and keep clients happy?

5. Social Media

I’ll be the first to admit it; I don’t love having to keep active on social media. but you know what? It’s necessary. This is how leads will find you. This is how clients will remain engaged. This is how you remain relevant.

6. Downloadable Content

So great, you created a blog. Did you get an email address and name for the contact that read the information you invested so much time into creating?

Create fact sheets, white papers, guides … anything that will get you contact information, so you can later market to them.

7. Analytics

Obviously Google Analytics is the go-to, but what about heat map and recording tools?

Why not be “creapy” and see exactly what your site visitors are doing, where they’re scrolling, clicking, and so forth?

As long as you provide the legal information, you should collect this data to better inform your website improvements and contact communications.

8. Branding

Not only for Google, or search engine optimization-sake, but people are your customers, not companies.

People trust brands.

You need to present a trust-worthy, reliable web presence more than ever.

Does your logo follow best-practices? Is your wording consistent? Are you communicating your mission, value, and purpose accurately?

9. Lead Generation

Are you doing this?!

From email to forms … are you creating opportunities for leads/site visitors to become known in your database so you can market to them?

From standard contact forms to pop-ups forms and exit forms, do you know how to grow your database?

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