12 Free Techniques to Keep Your Business Afloat During COVID Brittany Lettich August 16, 2020

12 Free Techniques to Keep Your Business Afloat During COVID

An Infographic with Small Business Statistics & Tips for Maintaining Your Business During COVID-19

Many business owners have seen negative impacts on their revenue, employees, customers and more, to say the least, during this COVID-19/Coronavirus period.

Below, I’ve included an infographic describing the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses and 12 marketing tips for maintaining your business during COVID-19.

covid impact infographic

This pandemic seems to be lasting longer than some people expected, and businesses are suffering. To navigate this time period, you may need to adjust your business operations, including marketing strategies.

12 Marketing Tips for Maintaining Your Business During COVID-19

  1. Move your business online to reach customers and enhance your online presence
    • Optimize your business website for mobile
    • Create valuable content
    • Search engine optimization
    • Participate in online communities and forums
    • Social media
  2. Review you customer experience strategy
  3. Focus on strengthening your customer relationships
  4. Be empathetic in your marketing communications
  5. Reflect on your business values and refocus your engagement strategies
  6. Avoid hard selling and commit to the long run
  7. Employ technology to connect to customers
  8. Support your customers in navigating the situation, and make changes as needed to your processes
  9. Reassure customers and leads
    • Email updates
    • Regular social media posts
    • Present information in customer accounts
  10. Be creative
  11. Increase your social media presence and engagement
  12. Build virtual relationships and partnerships



These are all great tips for navigating the COVID-19 period, with some upsetting statistics. Don’t be another statistic.

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