Email, Chat, Sales, Service – O My!

While we are versed in tools like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp, we recommend a robust marketing automation tool, such as HubSpot, Marketo or Pardot.

Implement a system that manages and connects your contacts, content, forms, marketing initiatives, email, advertising, sales funnel, customer service., in order to work smarter and not harder.

Our automated infrastructure can work more efficiently than a small or even a large team.

Preferred Marketing Automation Tool for Businesses: HubSpot

From the moment you sign-up for HubSpot in any capacity, to strategy and planning, then implementation & maintenance, Marketing Simplified will ensure your operations are configured with HubSpot optimally in order to save resources and propel growth.

HubSpot is an intuitive tool with vast capabilities priced at an affordable price. It can scale up or down depending on your company’s needs.


  • CRM
    • Contact & company management
    • Smart lists
  • Marketing Hub
    • Email
    • Forms
    • Ads
    • Landing pages
    • Social media
    • SEO
    • Planning
    • Chat bots: live chat and/or automated programmed chat
  • Service Hub
    • Customer tickets
    • Knowledge base
    • Surveys
  • Sales Hub
    • Pipeline management/Forecasting
    • Interactive meeting scheduler/calendars

I have a very deep and enthusiastic appreciation/understanding of the HubSpot platform and each of its “Hubs.” Not only have I successfully built out each area from step one, but I do the “gritty” work of actually creating the automation emails, building WYSIWYG templates and HTML/CSS custom templates, sequences, sales templates, meeting calendars, blogs, knowledge bases, forms with progressive profiling, ticketing systems, all customer feedback surveys, all workflow types, sales pipelines … anything a HubSpot administrator would treat like their professional “baby.”

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