A Personal Letter Listing 10 Tips for the COVID-19 Period Brittany Lettich April 10, 2020

A Personal Letter Listing 10 Tips for the COVID-19 Period

A note from Brittany to fellow business owners, colleagues and anyone needing support during this time.

Hi Everyone,

I know this is a difficult time for most people. Not only are we isolated at home with not much to do (some even without loved ones), but others are suffering further from losing work, their job completely, or suffering from other issues related to this unprecedented period.

I’m writing this letter to express my support, and some things I have learned and used to keep me feeling positive that may help you, too.

These items may seem basic, but I remind myself and my friends to keep at them to (a) feel good, (b) maintain peace of mind, and (c) remember there will be an end to this critical time.

Here’s my personal list:

  1. Prepare for the day as though I’m going to see people in-person
    • Showering, brushing my teeth and wearing clean clothes are obvious, but sometimes I even put on a little makeup. More than ever, I’m on virtual webcam meetings. Especially if I’m conferencing with clients or leads, I want to present myself in a professional manner. Even if I don’t have any meetings, I might do this just to feel like I’m doing something special for myself.
    • Whatever it is, do something special for yourself each day.
    • I don’t always wear “normal” office attire now, but I still want to maintain a nice appearance.
    • Even if conferencing with friends or colleagues that know me well, I do this. It makes me feel good. It’s not just about their perception of me; it’s about feeling like I’m taking care of myself.
  2. I’m trying to maintain a normal meal schedule
    • It’s so easy now that our offices have become our homes (right next to the kitchen) to graze in the pantry or refrigerator.
  3. I keep my home clean – after hours!
    • It’s easy to be distracted during the day by household tasks or to let things get messier than usual, since we’re always home, but after my workday is complete I clean just as I would have prior to this time – my husband might disagree, but I do my best.
    • This keeps me from distractions during the workday, busy when I have my new free time, and happier during the day as my new home office is organized and clutter-free.
  4. Go outside
    • Not much is open, but simply getting out of the house for a walk, even sitting on my patio, and of course playing with my dogs keeps me from serious “cabin fever.”
    • Get your Vitamin D and fresh air.
  5. Learn a new hobby, take an online class
    • There are skills I’ve wanted to learn for years, but told myself I didn’t have the time. Now, is a great time to keep your mind and body busy with a new activity or class – virtually, of course.
  6. Support local businesses
    • They need us more than ever. I would hate to see them lose their jobs or companies in which they’ve invested so much.
    • I want to be able to return to them in the future, and if we don’t help them now we might not have that option.
  7. I stay aware of the news and legislation, but don’t immerse myself in it all day
  8. Take a daily break
    • Personally, I take 5 minutes to run around with my dogs, throw a ball, cuddle on the couch, or just give them the attention they’ve always wanted (and I’ve wanted to give) when I was out of the home and in the office.
  9. Most helpful to me: keeping in contact with friends and family
    • Whether via Zoom, phone calls, text message, or other programs, simply being in contact with others I would usually see or speak with has been my most helpful activity for maintaining some form of normalcy. I speak to my best friends and parents more than ever before.
    • Remember: maybe you aren’t in distress right now, but some of your loved ones might be. A simple call or text could truly boost their mood.
  10. Lastly, don’t work too much to fill the newly available time. Maintain life/work balance.
    • I struggle with this the most.
    • We’re all bored or seeking out activities. It’s easy to not step away from the computer or phone, but technology-free time gives us the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones that we didn’t have before.


Do you have other ideas? Please, let me know.

From my family to yours, I hope you stay safe, healthy and happy.

Brittany and Abby