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Solutions to Improve Your Business

Achieve your desired website results efficiently.

Learn about and serve your leads and customers, and convert opportunities into sales – all with an impressive and effective web presence. Retain Clients, serve leads, and optimize results.

Brittany can build your website from scratch and maintain and optimize it – all to enhance your brand image, web presence, user experience, and leads.

Featured add-ons: e-commerce, marketing automation, podcasts, blogs, video, and more.

Brittany will program your website technically, organize your pages, format your headlines, and edit your content, which are just a few of her techniques, to enhance the likelihood of its discoverability in search results (as well as branding and web presence).

Implement a system that manages and connects your contacts, content, forms, marketing initiatives, email, advertising, sales funnel, and customer service to work smarter and not harder.

We can automate communication, social media, internal tasks, contact record updates, and more.

Save your team time and headache while improving your internal and external processes.

Featured tool: HubSpot

Retain clients, serve leads, and optimize results.

Brittany can implement a fully-fledged customer service tool and process to keep your clients happy and save resources, increasing customer retention.

If you need the recording, editing, and producing of tutorial, informative, or promotional videos, Brittany can do so efficiently.

  • Script writing
  • Narration
  • Visual design
  • Production
  • Editing

Whether you need blog writing, newsletters, website content, whitepapers, guides, etc., Marketing Simplified can help.

Brittany researches your industry and other important factors, then builds content that optimally and effectively promotes your business.

Whether your branding or logo needs a refresh or to be created entirely, Brittany can get the job done.

Many Google services are free, but you must know how to set up and configure these tools properly.

The information they provide is imperative to developing a successful marketing strategy.

Brittany is highly experienced with Google Analytics, Search Console, Ads, Business Profile, and more.

Communicate with leads and customers on their terms to increase sales and retain customers.

From simple individual email distributions to complex behavioral-based campaigns, Marketing Simplified will produce and disseminate successful content.

Put an integrated system in place to increase leads, and then nurture and educate them to increase sales.

Let Marketing Simplified review and inspect your assets and strategy to deliver suggestions and feedback for improvement.

Brittany will perform a technical audit, competitor research, and other tests to provide a data-driven plan for you.

Are you looking for eye-catching marketing collateral that yields results?

Brittany knows how to appeal to target audiences using various materials and techniques visually.

Whether using Google ads, social media, integrations across your website, or another digital avenue, Brittany can set up and maintain advertising for growth.

Suppose you prefer traditional forms of advertising, such as print and mail. In that case, Brittany can also create materials and manage their distribution.

Data validation, graphic design, sales support, e-commerce stores, customer retention, and coaching/training.

Do you want more leads and an improved web presence?
– no strings attached

What We Can Achieve


Become a thought leader in your industry and enhance your marketing results exponentially with digital marketing, a brand and strategy refresh, search engine optimization, technical improvements, website optimization, and so on, for more leads, sales, reviews, brand recognition - and more!


Increase brand recognition, awareness, familiarity, ease of discovery, and "word of mouth" advertising by letting Brittany update your marketing strategy and components.


Find and convert new and cold leads and retain customers to capture more sales and maintain a loyal and repeat client base.


Through analyzing and optimizing your current marketing/advertising methods and implementing unique tools and strategies chosen just for you, Brittany can help your business transform, improve its digital presence, and increase leads and ROI.

Do you want more leads and an improved web presence?
– no strings attached