9 Marketing Tips for 2021 Brittany Lettich April 14, 2021

9 Marketing Tips for 2021

Techniques To Get Your Business Ahead This Year

These strategies may sound familiar, but they’re more important than ever before. No matter what technique, though, the idea is to be personal and value current customers, so you can efficiently and effectively grow your business while maintaining daily operations.

  1. Optimize for Google’s May update

“Basically, anything that could annoy a user of the page may negatively impact the Core Web Vitals metrics and lead to a lower ranking in search results for that page,” said Mark Coster, owner of web design agency Web Design for Businesses.

Think: page load time, unorganized content, unfocused content, lack of direction and calls-to-action.


  1. Optimize for one-to-one relationships

Personalize content for better customer experiences. Smart content tools are a perfect solution. They can based on the lead or customer’s behavior, lead score, list membership – and more. HubSpot is a great tool when it comes to smart content. Read more about our HubSpot solutions.

  1. Focus on customer retention

Jim Pendergast, SVP of commercial financing platform AltLine, sees a focus on mobile growing.

“Think things like personalized push notifications on smartphones and loyalty incentives if you download mobile apps to shop or transact in directly,” he said.

“Keeping existing customers happy is cheaper than acquiring new ones because brands have bypassed the early stages of the customer journey and have more data to work with for personalized messaging,” Pendergast added.

How are you nurturing your current customers, so that they keep coming back?

  1. Follow through on your mission with action

If you say you support a cause, then you need to follow-through and make that action visible to the public for credibility – and to grow your lead then customer base. People buy from companies that have missions that align with their beliefs.

  1. Build trust

Follow through on your warranties, provide follow-up calls and surveys, provide excellent customer service, be reliable and credible. Taking these actions will help ensure leads will become customers, and customers will become repeat customers. Show your customers and leads you truly care about them.

  1. Enhance local SEO

Google My Business is a great free tool that helps your business get noticed. With the options to provide your business information, post offers, images, and more, this solution is easy to implement and only helps with your Google ranking.

  1. Embrace video

Video ranks very well with Google and people like watching a brief video that gives them a feel for your company. It’s a great way to educate, connect, and add a personal touch to your business promotions. Read more now!

  1. Partner, partner, partner with other brands

When you can have partners in your industry or other industries, you are multiplying your company’s reach. This also gives your business extra credibility and consumer trust, because other brands are endorsing you. Now, you are not only reaching your audience, but the other brands’ audiences as well.

  1. Automation!

We all know the saying “work smarter, not harder.” Well automation does just that. Marketing automation tools, like HubSpot, automate emails, smart content, customer service, sales processes – just to name a few. Now your marketing automation tool is your marketing team – constantly working and nurturing leads and current customers.