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Marketing Solutions for New & Small Businesses

Helping new and small businesses elevate their digital presence, captivate their audience, and increase leads.


What We Can Achieve


Become a thought leader in your industry and enhance your marketing results exponentially with digital marketing, a brand and strategy refresh, search engine optimization, technical improvements, website optimization, and so on, for more leads, sales, reviews, brand recognition - and more!


Increase brand recognition, awareness, familiarity, ease of discovery, and "word of mouth" advertising by letting Brittany update your marketing strategy and components.


Find and convert new and cold leads and retain customers to capture more sales and maintain a loyal and repeat client base.


Through analyzing and optimizing your current marketing/advertising methods and implementing unique tools and strategies chosen just for you, Brittany can help your business transform, improve its digital presence, and increase leads and ROI.

Do you want more leads and an improved web presence?
– no strings attached

About Marketing Simplified

Looking for an expert to help you with your marketing strategy? Look no further than Marketing Simplified, a one-woman team led by Marketing Enthusiast Brittany Lettich. With over 20 years of experience in data-driven digital and traditional marketing, Ms. Lettich can efficiently create and improve your marketing strategy. She specializes in web development and design, content creation and promotion, and branding (read about all services here). She is skilled in integrating diverse marketing approaches required for success.

Ms. Lettich has extensive experience across various industries and with the complexities of essential marketing functions, making her capable of delivering excellent results.

Marketing Simplified offers all-inclusive solutions to support your growth as a new or small business. In today’s digital world, partnering with a company to help you capitalize on real-time marketing opportunities across various channels is crucial. With Marketing Simplified as your partner, you can be confident in your success.



4 Reasons to Book a Free Consultation Immediately:
Still trying to figure out where to begin?

Book a free consultation to get no-cost advice and to get pointed in a direction for success, even if you are still deciding whether to invest.

Are you doing everything correctly, but something isn't clicking?

Contact me to discuss your struggles and gain some free insight after I conduct a detailed digital audit of your web presence.

Just a small business with no budget for marketing?

A free consultation with me will help focus your resources and award you some complimentary tips for free tools and strategies.

Are you researching potential marketing service partners?

Thank you for considering Marketing Simplified. Please, contact me for a meeting where we can discuss your project. I can learn about your goals and operations, share my research and analysis of your business strategies and tools, and offer tiered marketing plans for growth.